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    Martial Arts Training

    Martial Arts Training Collinsville, IL. More than 3.6 million people actively participate in martial arts in the United States each year, and 73 percent of these people do so for physical fitness. At Gracie Barra Collinsville, we notice the benefits of martial arts training reverberating through our gym each day – from the numerous physical enhancements to the mental and emotional ones, too.

    Gracie Barra Collinsville provides martial arts training for everyone in our conveniently located gym, regardless of your age, size, speed, strength, or skill set. After your first few classes, you will recognize immediate improvement in your mindset, your weight, and your overall strength. Call us now at 618-213-2422 or contact us online to get in the best shape of your life, and improve yourself with every class.

    Rooted in brotherhood, expansion, and integrity, Gracie Barra Collinsville is home to your martial arts training. We mix an ideal blend of fitness, discipline, and self-defense into our lessons, and offer our martial arts training for anyone who values honor, respect, wellness, and life balance.

    The Top 10 reasons to start martial arts training at Gracie Barra Collinsville are:

    1. Boosted Strength
    2. Better Flexibility
    3. Increased Confidence
    4. Stress Relief
    5. Better Heart Health
    6. Improved Sleep
    7. Improved Mental Stamina
    8. Improved Social Skills
    9. Develop Self Discipline
    10. Increased Endurance

    What is Considered Martial Arts Training at Gracie Barra Collinsville?

    Gracie Barra primarily identifies as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym, but we borrow techniques used and taught in other martial arts. Learn comprehensive martial arts training skills and master Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by studying at Gracie Barra Collinsville. Call us today at 618-213-2422 or connect with us online. Every martial art is unique and our training team and instructors teach a distinctive blend of principles of several martial arts from different styles. Some of the most popular martial arts training styles we use are:

    • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    • Considered one of the best in martial art training, due to it being ideal for beginners and using grappling techniques that focus on leverage, positioning, and submissions, rather than striking or kicking. Also an ideal martial art for self-defense, as it teaches you skills that you can use against bigger and stronger opponents.

    • Kickboxing
    • Also a great tool for self-defense, kickboxing bans the use of anything but your hands and feet when striking an opponent, as well as prohibiting attacks to an opponent’s groin, legs, or back. Many different styles with differing rules exist, such as Muay Thai, full-contact karate, and Lethwei.

    • Karate
    • One of the most practiced martial arts in the world, karate is a popular starting point in martial arts training. Karate makes use of balanced, full-body maneuvers and training centers on blocks, strikes, punches, evasions, and kicks.

    No matter which genre of martial arts training you choose, you will have a home at Gracie Barra Collinsville. We have over 30 years of experience changing individuals’ lives, and our classes are aligned with the Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu Philosophy and Carlos Gracie Senior’s 12 Commandments, to bring out the best in physical and mental strength in each student. Call us today at 618-213-2422 or contact us online for the area’s best martial arts training.

    Martial Arts Training Collinsville | Collinsville Martial Arts Classes | Gracie Barra Collinsville

    What Are Some Advantages of Martial Arts Training at Gracie Barra Collinsville?

    Martial arts training at Gracie Barra Collinsville is a path that leads to personal growth and wellness. If you are motivated to change your life, looking for a hobby, or would like to add more physical activity to your lifestyle, martial arts training is perfect for you. We provide a regime steeped in honor and tradition. Some of the advantages of martial arts training are:

    • Weight Loss Through Muscle Tone
    • Improving your muscle tone and muscle mass helps your body naturally increase its metabolism and burn calories. Gracie Barra Collinsville martial arts training makes it easier to shed pounds and maintain a healthy body weight.

    • Cardiovascular Health Through Increased Activity
    • During Gracie Barra Collinsville martial arts training, warmup routines and sparring naturally raise your heart rate and fortify heart health. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S., yet less than 20 percent of adults engage in the recommended amount of aerobic exercise.

    • Sharpened Reflexes Through Sparring
    • Sparring in practice and fighting in competition improve reflexes over time. Gracie Barra martial arts training challenges you to sharpen your reflexes. Call us today at 618-213-2422 or connect with us online.

    • Mental Health and Decreased Stress Through Physical Activity
    • Physical activity triggers your body to release endorphins, reducing the risks of premature death, as well as norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin and mitigates the negative effects of stress on the body. Gracie Barra Collinsville martial arts training helps with stress.

    • Reduced Blood Pressure Via Better Heart Health
    • Through the repetition of physical movements, increased heart health, and improved physical state that occur through Gracie Barra Collinsville martial arts training, you will enjoy a lower heart rate and reduced blood pressure. And, according to a recent study by the National Institutes of Health, these are enormous benefits to overall good health and well-being.

    Martial Arts Training Collinsville | Training for Martial Arts Near Collinsville | Gracie Barra Collinsville

    Get the Best in Martial Arts Training For the Entire Family | Gracie Barra Collinsville

    Martial arts training is a proven method to improve your mind, body, and spirit. Join the millions who are already on board. Gracie Barra Collinsville teaches a beneficial martial arts training etiquette to allow development and camaraderie. We forbid intimidation, bullying, and hostility. When you step through the doors at our martial arts training facility, you will be welcomed as a member of the Gracie Barra family and nurtured through your journey.

    Call us today at 618-213-2422 or contact us online to schedule your martial arts training.

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