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    Kids Martial Arts

    Kids Martial Arts Collinsville, IL. Are you looking for a fitness activity for your kids that can also help them succeed in life? Right now, it seems all they are succeeding in is XBox and trying your patience. Kids martial arts at Gracie Barra Collinsville will provide just what you are looking for.

    Rooted in honor, respect, wellness, and discipline, our kids’ martial arts classes are all about self improvement. We focus on building a positive attitude and respect in our students so that they not only become better on the mats, but better in life. Many parents find that the life skills taught in, and the benefits of, kids martial arts classes are second to none. We’re certain you will, too. We teach the same values you do at home, in a positive, safe, clean, and fun environment.

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    What Do You Teach My Kids with Martial Arts at Gracie Barra Collinsville?

    Our kids martial arts classes provide valuable lessons and ongoing mental enhancements, while giving your children the space to grow physically, emotionally, and socially. No matter what path your kids take during or after Gracie Barra martial arts, they’ll learn to rely on skills taught in our programs in everything they do:

    • Determination and perseverance
    • Leadership and teamwork
    • Communication and camaraderie
    • Self-confidence in everything they do

    Gracie Barra Collinsville’s kids martial arts programs also build a strong foundation in social and emotional learning using martial arts instruction. You will see improvements in your kids’ attitudes, their abilities to engage and show empathy toward others, as well as improvements in making responsible decisions. There is a built-in physicality with practicing martial arts, so your children will be encouraged to be active and exercise. This improves your kids’:

    Many of the improvements of martial arts training, particularly for kids and teenagers, aren’t as immediately noticeable. According to the American Council on Exercise, by the time they reach high school, 63 percent of children are no longer physically active. Recent research by Simmons Market Research states that nearly 65 percent of teens who participate in martial arts say that sports are an important part of their social life, and 77 percent of teens say that their participation in martial arts helps to keep them healthy. More than 6.5 million U.S. children participate in martial arts, according to Sacred Heart University.

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    When Can My Kids Start Martial Arts at Gracie Barra Collinsville?

    Many experts, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, believe your kids can start structured martial arts classes at any age. Some suggest that anywhere from 3-6 are usually good ages to start classes. Gracie Barra Collinsville has several “Little Champions” kids martial arts classes starting at age 3.

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    What Are the Benefits of Kids Martial Arts at Gracie Barra Collinsville?

    Martial arts have exceptional effects on the physical and mental health of your kids. Gracie Barra Collinsville kids martial arts classes are great for:

    Self Defense

    Learning self defense is one of the premier advantages of martial arts, particularly for parents. You know that being a parent comes with the burden of worrying about your child’s safety when you aren’t there to protect them. According to research from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, approximately 1 out of 4 kids is a victim of bullying. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is considered one of the best martial arts for kids, as well as the de facto martial art for self-defense. As a whole, martial arts training is a great way for children to learn defense skills so that you worry less, and they feel safer.


    Martial arts classes at Gracie Barra Collinsville help your kids stay active and healthy. They get a full-body workout, and improve their coordination, reflexes, flexibility, balance, endurance, and agility. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends at least 60 minutes of physical activity daily for children aged 6-17, plus at least three days of muscle- and bone-strengthening activity per week. When your child takes three Gracie Barra kids martial arts classes a week, they meet the recommendation. Staying fit and active also helps your kids feel better in their day-to-day lives as they have more energy for school and other activities.

    Making Friends Through Teamwork

    Much like team sports, martial arts classes at Gracie Barra Collinsville are great ways for your children to meet other kids and make new friends as they learn the art. Students practice moves on each other – known as sparring – once they reach a certain level. Training and going over drills together is more beneficial than training alone, so students have to learn to work together. Making new friends in class helps motivate them to continue going to classes and encourage each other.

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    Our kids martial arts classes are known for their benefits on the mind. They help your child grow into a well-rounded person by teaching them important life skills like patience, humility, and respect. The classes even help them listen better, feel calmer, stay focused, and persevere through tough situations.


    Teaching your kids to block, kick, and punch at Gracie Barra Collinsville doesn’t mean your child becomes more aggressive in their day-to-day life. Quite the opposite, in fact. A recent study by the National Library of Medicine shows that martial arts can reduce aggressive behavior as it teaches discipline and self control.

    Self Esteem

    Enrolling your children in kids martial arts classes at Gracie Barra Collinsville does amazing things for their confidence. The classes are rooted in teaching the importance of personal growth rather than competition, so there is no pressure for your child to compare themselves to others. Starting martial arts at Gracie Barra Collinsville helps your child feel more confident in themselves in everything they do. Working towards and achieving goals set in classes is also a great way for your child to boost their self esteem as they progress, at their own pace, through different belt levels.

    According to Understood, Gracie Barra Collinsville’s martial arts classes are great for kids who learn and think differently and have helped children on the autism spectrum. Give us a call today to get started at 618-213-2422 or contact us.

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    Register to Join Your Neighbors in Learning Kids Martial Arts | Gracie Barra Collinsville

    Our instructors teach a unique martial arts training etiquette for kids to allow development and camaraderie. We do not allow bullying, intimidation, or hostility in our gym. We provide a welcoming environment for the entire family.

    Give us a call today at 618-213-2422 or contact us to start kids martial arts classes and join the family at Gracie Barra Collinsville.

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